No tax allowances? No problem

If you’ve already used your full ISA and pension allowances for this tax year you can also invest regularly through our Fund & Share Account. You will then be able to easily switch any accumulated investments into an ISA or SIPP in future tax years, if you wish.

Austin Forey is also free to invest in companies of all sizes. At present he prefers the prospects of larger businesses, but he is also Geographical Breakdown able to invest in riskier smaller companies where he believes he has found an opportunity for profit, although these currently make up a small proportion of the fund.

Your full ISA and pension allowances for this tax year

The fund has provided outstanding returns for investors. Over the last decade it has delivered growth of 260.6% compared to 220.1% for the average fund in the sector, although please remember past performance is not an indication of the returns you might receive in future, and as the figures to the left show it has been extremely volatile.

We believe adventurous investors cannot ignore emerging markets when constructing a long-term growth portfolio. In our view this fund makes a great choice for a core emerging markets holding, around which more specialised funds, such as those on page 6, can be added.

The best ways to take advantage is the Newton Asian Income Fund managed by Jason Pidcock, which currently yields 4.9% (variable and not guaranteed).

Take advantage is the Newton Asian Income Fund

Asia lies at the heart of the transfer of economic power from the developed to the developing world. China captures the imagination with its rapid urbanisation and growth. Yet the story goes much further. For instance, Singapore has good-quality companies able to harness growth in the region, and Australia benefits from China’s voracious appetite for its raw materials.

Asia is full of companies with relatively predictable profits, low debt and dominant market positions. In his search for dividends Jason Pidcock can choose between a wide range of sectors including Australian energy companies, Hong Kong utilities and Taiwan’s cutting-edge technology firms. He can also invest in smaller companies, which can be more volatile than their larger counterparts. If you need cash advance, contact the experts at Citrusnorth now.


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